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Here's What A $12,900 House VS A $21 Million Mansion Looks Like In Nova Scotia

Is the ideal house a giant mansion, or a cozy fixer-upper with potential? That's a question Canadians might ask if they're looking for a new home. If they have their eye on the east coast, Nova Scotia homes for sale fit both criteria. However there's a huge difference in the price.

If you compare the cheapest and most expensive homes for sale in the province, there are some pretty stark differences. For example, the $12,900 home at 18 Liberty Lane is definitely what you'd call a fixer-upper. 

On the flipside, the sprawling mansion at 126 Strum Island Way (located on Strum Island, naturally) is the kind of property that most people only dream of living in.

At $21 million, it's also the kind of home that most people can only dream of affording.

The 9,500 square foot house sits on a 10-acre private island, and boasts six bedrooms and seven bathrooms. That's plenty of space to get some peace and quiet. 

Conversely, the cheaper property offers a quaint 576 square feet of space, with one bedroom and one bathroom. For one person, who wants to live a simple life, that's not necessarily terrible.

Of course, judging by the interior, this is a home that could use a little bit of love. With all the money saved from the actual sale of the structure, renovations wouldn't be out of the question.

The Strum Island property, on the other hand, probably doesn't need any fixing up. The property is already gorgeous and still has a rustic feel despite the modern touches. 

Anyone who has a passion for cooking will immediately fall in love with the massive kitchen complete with a giant butler's pantry.

You also get a kitchen in the less expensive home, but it is far smaller. If you'd rather just make a small meal and relax in your living room, then it's pretty much perfect. It could also generously be called "open concept."

There is at least a deck that would offer some space to sit outside on a warm summer night. Not that it really compares to the giant outdoor seating area (complete with roof and stone fireplace) offered on Strum Island.

Of course, these homes represent two very different extremes, and just show how differently some people live within the same province.

18 Liberty Lane

Price: $12,900

Address: 18 Liberty Lane, Amherst, Nova Scotia

Description: A quaint and cozy home perfect for the person who likes having a project on their hands.

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126 Strum Island Way

Price: $21 Million

Address: 126 Strum Island Way, Oakland, Nova Scotia

Description: A sprawling, gorgeous mansion that would make the perfect oasis from everyday life.

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