It's fun to fantasize about living in a mansion. Of course, the price can often bring you back down to Earth. Still, there are places like this Nova Scotia house for sale that defy all expectations. It's huge, elegant, and costs less than an average house in the GTA.

Located in East River, this gorgeous 3,663-square-foot home boasts three massive bedrooms, three huge bathrooms, and a giant backyard.

On top of that, it has a stunning waterfront view that can be enjoyed from both the upper and lower level decks. 

The kitchen is a home cook's dream, complete with tons of counter space, a massive gas range, and a walk-in pantry. It's just the kind of place that's perfect for baking a lot of bread.

Off of the kitchen is a cozy and handy multipurpose room, that can be used for sewing, crafting, or just doing some morning meditations.

Downstairs, you can relax in the combination recreation and games room, which comes fully equipped with a giant pool table. It's the perfect space for entertaining.

Outside, the massive yard grants plenty of space for outdoor exercise and activities. A secluded trail leads down to a quaint seating area, perfect for breathing in the fresh waterfront air.

The best part, however, is that this home has a gorgeous private pathway that leads directly down to your own mini stone beach.

While all of those features are really impressive, what really sets this beautiful house apart is the unbelievable price.

Listed for just $989,000, this home costs less than an average family home in Toronto, and even in the surrounding area!

For example, an adorable but comparatively smaller house in Brampton was recently selling for $1,150,000. Even a bungalow in Caledon costs more than this.

In the 6ix, there are even condos that cost more than this mansion, while also offering a lot less space.

Basically, if you're in the market for a big home at a relatively reasonable price, the east coast could be the best place to start your house hunt!

Mansion On A Budget

Price: $989,000

Address: 123 Endeavour Ave., East River, NS

Description: A beautiful, spacious mansion with a stunning view and beachside access that will set you back less than a Toronto condo would. It's a no brainer, right?

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