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Videos From Nova Scotia's "Weather Bomb" Storm Are Shocking, Literally

Locals have been sharing photos and videos of the wild weather online.

It’s been a wild October so far across Canada, as many parts of the country have experienced unusually severe and unseasonal weather conditions. Earlier this week, it was Nova Scotia’s turn for a taste of the ferocious weather, as the province was hit by a "weather bomb" that brought strong winds, torrential rain and storm surges. Now, locals are sharing photos and videos of the storm, and it was definitely as bad as it sounds!

Nova Scotia’s intense weather began on Thursday morning, as strong winds and heavy rain gradually worsened throughout the day. By the afternoon, there were reports of downed trees, flooding and power outages, with as many as 39,000 people without power at the storm’s peak.

The “weather bomb,” which is a rapidly developing storm that drops 24 or more millibars of central pressure in 24 hours, crossed Atlantic Canada, causing the most problems in both Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Thankfully, it was short-lived, and by Thursday night, all Environment Canada warnings for the region had been lifted.

While the storm only lasted a number of hours in the region, it had more than enough time to do plenty of damage. During and after the “weather bomb,” Nova Scotia locals took to social media to share their wild experiences with the short-but-severe storm.

In one shocking video, tree branches can be seen falling onto a nearby power line, striking and catching fire repeatedly. At one point, the power line arched more than 10 times, releasing a huge plume of flames each time (watch with your sound on!).

In another photo, extreme flooding can be seen in the Liverpool area of Nova Scotia. Water is waist-height on a nearby person, and a car is almost submerged.

Sharing another image, one Twitter user wrote, "Well this can’t be good. Toppled over cargo containers."

This is the second time in two months that Nova Scotia has been battered by a severe storm in the region. Last month, Hurricane Dorian swept through the province, taking out trees, power lines and even a crane.

The storm left behind considerable damage and has even been called one of the worst storms in the Maritimes' history.

With relentless power outages, toppled trees, flood recovery, and property damage to contend with, Nova Scotians definitely deserve a break from the bad weather.

With hurricane season drawing to a close, fingers crossed the province has finally seen the worst of it!

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