Nude Vodka Soda Just Unveiled A Boozy Advent Calendar With Unreleased Flavours In BC

Because ready-to-drink alcoholic advent calendars are a Christmas necessity.
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Nude Vodka Soda Just Unveiled A Boozy Advent Calendar With Unreleased Flavours In BC

The holiday season can be stressful. Between spending way too much on gifts to copious amounts of family time, it can be a lot to take in. To make the holidays a bit more fun, Nude is releasing an advent calendar this month filled with their popular vodka soda flavours. Nude's advent calendar is a little different than your typical chocolate one, but equally as necessary if you love a good cocktail. 

Nude is a B.C.-based company that is popular in Canada for its low-calorie, sugar-free and sweetener-free mixed drinks. According to KelownaNow, Nude's 24-day advent will be full of its classic cans, including the hard iced teas. 

To make it more interesting, Nude is adding a pair of unreleased vodka soda flavours into the countdown calendar. The two flavours are exclusive to the calendar, so if you want to try them, then you know what to do. 

A portion of Nude's advent calendar sales goes to Food Banks B.C., which supports more than 100 food banks across the province.

You can get Nude products almost anymore across the province right now. The advent calendars, on the other hand, will be a little harder to come by. 

According to KelownaNow, the calendars will be hitting shelves later this month. You can find them at select private stores and B.C. Liquor Stores.

Narcity spoke with a Nude spokesperson who confirmed that the product will only be available in B.C. liquor stores. Sorry, Canada.

While prices will vary depending on the store, the suggested retail price is $50. The calendar is set to hit stores on November 15, so be on the lookout and get yours while you can.

To get your hands on the advent, you can check the BC Liquor Stores' website. Here, you can browse through all the liquor stores in the province and find the location nearest you with the advent in stock. 

This is not the first time a liquor brand has thought outside the box this year. In the summertime, Hey Y’all introduced a massive “bag in a box” drink that was essentially a massive adult juice box. 

The countdown to Christmas is officially on. Cheers!

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