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Nunavut Minimum Wage Got A Increase & It's The Highest In Canada Now

One territory has taken the charge when it comes to paying workers more. Nunavut minimum wage is getting a $3 hike as of April 1 and thankfully it's not an April Fool's Day joke. The increase will make it the highest minimum wage in Canada.

On March 12, Nunavut's Justice Minister Jeannie Ehaloak announced that employers would be required to pay workers a minimum wage of $16 an hour.

That is a $3 increase from the previous rate and is $1 higher than what used to be the highest minimum wage in the country, $15 in Alberta.

"This represents a substantial increase from the existing minimum wage and will help support Nunavummiut and their families," said Ehaloak in the legislature when the hike was announced.

Starting on April 1, people in the territory will see an increase in their hourly pay.

Between September and October 2019, the government conducted a minimum wage survey to get feedback from Nunavut residents.

All the responses helped complete the review of the minimum wage and bump it up to a whopping $16 an hour.

This is the first time in more than three years that the northern region has changed the baseline of what workers have to get paid.

Hourly rates were last increased on April 1, 2016, to $13 an hour, so it's been a long time without a change for people in the territory.

According to the CBC, Nunavut has the highest cost of living in all of Canada.

"The Government of Nunavut understands the high cost of living in the territory, and we are working to address gaps where we can," Ehaloak said. "We want Nunavummiut to succeed and we are actively working to support a positive future for our people and communities."

With this increase, none of the other territories even come close to Nunavut.

In Yukon, the minimum wage is going up to $13.71 on April 1 while there's no word on if the Northwest Territories will up its hourly rate from $13.46 where it currently stands.

Alberta is only one dollar off this new benchmark but there's been no word on if an increase is coming this year.

The next highest minimum wage is in Ontario with $14 an hour.

Other provinces are getting minimum wage increases this year as well like B.C., Quebec and all of Atlantic Canada.