Self-isolation and social distancing can be tough not only for us but for our furry friends as well, especially if they're in shelters. In Canada, people are trying to do the most that they can to help out animals in need of a loving home. The NWT SPCA is seeing a surge in the number of people coming forward to foster dogs and cats.

In the last couple of weeks, more and more people are signing up to foster animals from the NWT SPCA since they're stuck in their houses.

"Since COVID-19 has kind of disrupted everyone's lives we have seen an influx of people wishing to foster, they're finding themselves at home with very little to do," said Dana Martin, the vice president and animal care director for the organization, to the CBC.

Usually the non-profit has about 25 animals out of the shelter and with a foster but now there at 44 of them living their best lives in people's homes.

Many Canadians are at home to stop the spread of COVID-19 and people have been doing a number of things to pass the time like working, doing virtual workouts or taking fun online classes

In the Northwest Territories, being told to stay at home means helping take care of animals that need some love and that's so heartwarming.

Fostering can also provide a daily routine for those who aren't working from their couches or kitchen tables during the week.

"I think dogs and foster animals are a great distraction," Martin said. "It gives you a sense of normalcy."

Plus, having an adorable dog or cat around could offer a great morale boost when needed.

According to the CBC, multiple kennels at the shelter have been empty because of all the fostering that's taking place.

"During stressful times like this, where people are unsure of what's happening in the world and they're confined to their home and not being as social as they normally would," Martin said. "Pets will provide an enormous amount of stress relief."

The NWT SPCA also sees people come in during other times of stress like after the death of a loved one, during a divorce or after losing a job.

Martin hopes that all the people fostering animals from the NWT SPCA eventually give those furry friends a permanent home by adopting them.