"Obliga-Swiping" Is The Newest Dating Trend And You Are Totally Guilty Of Doing It

It seems like every few months a new dating term comes out to try and explain the changing ways in which people hook up. It's no surprise that people are trying to define the different tactics and patterns that people are falling into thanks to the new technology that is changing the landscape of dating, but some of the terms are just downright ridiculous, including this new one. Allow me to introduce "obliga-swiping."

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The new term was coined by Cosmopolitan because of course, it was. Apparently, it details that phase you go through when you realize you are the only single friend in your friend group. Which results in you going on whichever dating app you decide on and beginning to swipe left and right like a madman.

The key to the term is that you're are swiping like crazy but don't actually have any intention on meeting who you match with. Basically the art of pretending to be putting yourself out there but not actually doing it because let's be real, meeting new people can honestly just be the worst.

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Though "obligaswiping" specifically refers to not only your insane spike in swiping but also the larger amount of matches you get as a result of it. Naturally, the amount of matches deters us from actually wanting to pursue anyone we've now been acquainted with. Then at that point, most of us swear off dating apps for however long before we fall back into the same routine again.

It's definitely something that anybody who's experienced online dating would identify with considering the ease of online dating is often what puts people off. While it's definitely not the worst thing in the world you could be doing for your dating life, if you are seriously looking to put yourself out there, you may want to try to limit your swipes- quality over quantity right?

Source: Cosmopolitan