Now more than ever we're feeling the need to escape to somewhere quiet, off-grid, and beautiful. New Mexico has no shortage of places that are all three, but one stood out to us more than the rest. An off-grid Airbnb in New Mexico that resembles a literal spaceship is the perfect place to go if you're looking for an escape from reality. 

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A Superhost named Dan with a 4.91 overall rating on Airbnb is letting guests spend the night in his "Brand New Studio Earthship."

After taking a look at photos, you'll see exactly why this Airbnb was given the name that it has. The exterior reminds us of something from out of this world, and, even though it's located in Taos and not Roswell, we find it incredibly fitting.

Because of the aliens, of course. 

During your stay, you'll be surrounded by clear, open space and gorgeous views. Whoever you decide to bring along, which are likely your closest trusted buddies, you'll all be able to share two beds and one bath, fitting a total of four people maximum.

The interior is just as cool as the exterior, so we have no doubt that you won't be disappointed in your stay.

The Airbnb is currently listed at $125 per night, which, if you split that between four people, is only about $31 each.

There currently isn't any availability until next month, April 2020, so you could consider booking your stay soon, or as soon as you agree on escaping from the big cities for some well-deserved peace and quiet. 

Whether you decide to stay cooped up inside or take a stroll around the outskirts of the studio Earthship, you'll get all the peace and quiet you need.

Brand New Studio Earthship

Price Per Night: $125

Address Or Neighbourhood: Taos, NM

Why You Need To Go: This'll be the coolest Airbnb you've ever stayed at. Head on over for the coolest time off the grid.

These prices and terms of occupancy are confirmed at the time of publishing, but they can change at any time.