Often confused with a toy store, this hidden shop in West Palm Beach stores the most delicious chocolate ever. Oh My Chocolates is an old fashioned and home made chocolate shop with family made recipes that will make you say "Oh My!" 

As you stroll past the store, your first thought will be - "this must be a children's shop". The life-sized, medium sized, and unicorn-shaped stuffed animals transform this place into the Christmas factory of a child's dream. Behind the shop you will find delectable gelato flavors and one of the finest confections around the world. 

This place will become a sweet treat for all chocolate lovers and foodies alike. Each sweet combines the finest and freshest natural ingredients to produce the most sensational handmade confections.

Every inch of this chocolate shop is covered in plush toys that every kid at heart would die for. This place makes a perfect sweet spot for the ending of a first date. The ambiance is sweet, romantic, and intimate enough to steal a kiss from your date. 

A small chocolate piece costs an average of $2.50 and a large piece costs an average of $4.50.

With their chocolate comes custom gelato flavors that is sure to be a sweet pleasure with every bite. You can try their flavors such as Turron, Biscotto, Eggnog, Italian Rum and even Apple Pie.

Oh My Chocolate's product line includes over 70 varieties of confections and has developed recipes of creamy caramels, delectable truffles, gourmet chocolate apples, butter cream centers, rich fudges and unsurpassed butter toffees.

Oh My Chocolates is located at 335 N Clematis St. West Palm Beach, FL 33401.