It's the time of year where we can finally go outside in skirts and sunhats to take pictures among nature. Spring 2020 has us all longing for solo trips where we can explore the vastness of nature without all the crowds. At Oklahoma's Great Salt Plains, mining for crystals is so much fun and you'll get your growing wanderlust satisfied all at the same time.

Starting from April and lasting until October is the season for digging up selenite crystals at the Great Salt Plains State Park in Northern Oklahoma.

Just a short road trip up from Oklahoma City lies this incredible state park, one full of wonder, beauty, and long white stretches of salt.

The expansive salty landscape of the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge that lies next-door to the state park will leave you speechless.

It is the same salt that covered prehistoric Oklahoma, so there is so much history to be seen there.

The state park is home to a dig area where guests can find selenite crystals. The dig zone is located southwest of the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge's lake.

Guests who come to dig up crystals can find them sitting under the salt plains. With a shovel or even your hands, the crystals are ready to be discovered, cleaned, and taken home to be admired.

These selenite crystals show off the dark form of an hourglass shape, which is something unique that can only be found in Oklahoma.

The crystal digging spot is open only from April 1 to October 15. You can stop by anytime from sunrise to sunset.

The refuge is not only home to the salt and crystals, but also for over 300 species of protected birds.

Great Salt Plains State Park - Crystal Digging

Price: Free admission

When: April 1 - October 15

Address: 23280 S Spillway Dr., Jet, OK

Why You Need To Go: This spot is so unique and beautiful, it is like an escape to another world. Grab a shovel and dig up some of the most stunning crystals that can only be found in Oklahoma.