Summer is quickly approaching and it's time to start researching some nature-filled road trips to take when the time is right. There are so many beautiful outdoor spaces across the state, but there's one spot that takes the cake when it comes to finding green spaces filled with peace and quiet corners to relax in. The Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Oklahoma is the perfect place to visit in the future.

With tons of clear springs, flowing streams, and cool lakes, the stunning blue water is the highlight point at Chickasaw National Recreation Area.

Visitors come from all over the state to relax under the green shade of the trees and in the chilly blue water. There are so many swimming holes and streams to enjoy. 

You can even take a dip in Little Niagara! That spot is exactly what it sounds like: a miniature stretch of waterfall. Unlike the actual Niagara Falls, these falls are perfectly safe to make a splash in.

There's also a spot called Rock Creek that calls upon waders and swimmers of all ages.

There are six campgrounds at the Recreation Area, with over 400 campsites for nature-loving campers throughout the expansive park.

The campgrounds are currently closed for safety reasons, so be sure to check in on their website for any updates.

Don't worry about leaving Spot at home because dogs are allowed in the park and on most of the 20 miles of trails. However, they are not permitted in swimming areas.

Chickasaw National Recreation Area is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, year-round.

To find the park from US I-35, you will drive to the intersection of State Highway 7 and 177. Then go south on Hwy. 177 and take the first left to hit the Travertine Nature Center (which is currently closed for safety purposes).

Chickasaw National Recreation Area

Price: Free

Address: 901 W. 1st St., Sulphur, OK 

Why You Need To Go: The perfect place to spend a day floating on the water, relaxing under the trees, and taking a stroll on one of the many trails.