Tennessee's Senior Dog Sanctuary Has A 24-Hour Live Stream That'll Totally Make Your Day

Hang out with the oldies.
Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary Live Cams Will Totally Brighten Your Day

We're all looking for some much-needed entertainment these days, so we're turning to animal live streams. If you can't bond with furry friends in person, you can still do so virtually. Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary live cams will bring a smile to your face and totally mellow out your day. 

Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary in Mount Juliet, Tennessee believes in the phrase "no friend left behind." The forever foster home-based sanctuary is a safe haven for senior dogs in their last years. 

The mission of the sanctuary is to provide high-quality vet care, compassion and comfort for the dogs until the end of their lives or until they find loving new homes. 

Currently housing about 120 senior dogs, the operators of the sanctuary advocate for more people to adopt senior dogs and work with rescue groups to push this mission. 

As their website reads, "We do not concern ourselves with the quantity of time that they have left, rather the quality of the life that we can provide them for that time."

Since the dogs are unable to have visitors at this time due to social distancing and preventing the spread of COVID-19, the facility is streaming the dogs in their Gathering Room so dog lovers everywhere can still get a chance to E-meet them. 

Since the sanctuary houses so many pups at once, you'll be sure to see plenty of dogs at any given time. You'll be plenty entertained with all the lounging, barking, howling and sleeping that goes on.

Once the sanctuary is back up and running, as well as allowing visits, you can take a tour with your friends who also want to meet these old southern dogs.

The 45- to 60-minute tours must be scheduled in advance and only include six people at a time. Unfortunately, you can't bring any other pets along with you, even if you want your own furry baby to make new friends. The tours are only $10 per person so it's perfect for an affordable summer day trip.