You Can Do A Escape Room At An Old Sanitarium In BC And It's The Only One In Canada

This place has to be haunted...
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You Can Do A Escape Room At An Old Sanitarium In BC And It's The Only One In Canada

Get ready for one of the most thrilling and chilling escape room ever! If you like puzzles and breaking out of locked places, then you have to put this on your bucket list. Don't get it twisted, this is no ordinary escape room. This old sanitarium escape room in Kamloops will give you chills. If that doesn’t make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up then I don’t know what will. 

Built in 1909, this sanitarium has tons of history behind it.. The building was originally designed to help patients with tuberculosis. The site is now currently in use and is operated by Tranquille Farm Fresh. The company gives tours of the grounds and offers an inside look at what exactly happened there.

Now, they are doing an escape room that takes you through the old sanitarium. While it’s not a haunted escape room, you can’t help but feel like something else is in there with you. Think you’re ready for it?

The actual escape will take place in the laundry building. Should you be successful in breaking the code in 60 minutes or less, you will get to go into the pitch-black tunnels! 

And they're terrifying.

According to the Tranquille Farm Fresh website, the room escape is called Enigma Women. In the game, The year is 1944 and the Germans built an unbreakable code machine called The Enigma that was the heart of the entire military communication system in WWII. 

The entire premise is that you have to help three women, the Enigma Women, crack the secret language. Trust us, it’s harder than it sounds.

It’s an old building but they have set up perfectly. With help from a local puzzle maker who has organized their escape rooms in the past, there will be lock and keys, puzzles, and doors to get through, so make sure you have an epic team. 

There will also be props all around the room, but pay attention because not everything is integral to the escape. 

The site has so much history and the owners of Traquille Farm Fresh want to share it with us all in a fun and unique way. 

“We want to share the true stories and keep the heritage alive with still having a creepy aspect. We want to make sure the stories don’t die,” said spokesperson Andrea Heath.

“There’s a lot of positive and negative history and we want to respect that.”

The escape room is going now every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night until Oct. 7. All it costs is $35 for 60 minutes of fun! Tickets can be purchased online

You can also do a private tour with 20 people, so why not get the work colleges involved? 

If this sounds a little too spooky for you, no worries. The farm does day tours. 

And if you're looking for something a little more bone-chilling, try this unique escape room that locks you in a serial killers basement in Vancouver! 

Good luck and be sure to look over your shoulder. 

Enigma Women Escape Room

Price: $35

When: Every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from now until Oct. 7

Address: 36-2960 Tranquille Rd Location address 4600, Kamloops, BC V2B 8B6

Why You Need To Go: It's the perfect place to get scared this fall while having a ton of fun solving puzzles with your friends.

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