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One Canadian Province Will Let You Smoke Weed In Hotels

The marijuana tourism industry is heating up.
One Canadian Province Will Let You Smoke Weed In Hotels

As we all know marijuana will be legal across Canada in just a few short months, but that doesn’t mean you can smoke it everywhere.

Condos in cities like Toronto are banning residents from smoking inside.

But one province in Canada doesn’t seem to care if you’re smoking in a building you paid for, because it’s going to let you smoke inside your hotel room. 

That province is Prince Edward Island, who are fully on board with the idea of cannabis related tourism it seems.

Now not everywhere is going to let you do this, it will be up to the owner of the hotel to decide if you can or can’t but plenty are expected to allow it as a way of attracting new customers as part of the marijuana tourism market that is expected to explode once it is legal.  

And it’s not just hotels that will be able to offer this. Motels and bed and breakfasts’ will also be able to allow you to enjoy legal weed in their buildings.

Tourism is a major part of the island provinces’ economy. It has a population of less that 200,000 but had over a million tourists from around the world visit last year. 

Of course weed isn’t going to be legal until October so if you have a trip planned for the summer there you’re out of luck this year.

But if you’re looking for a province where you’ll be able to enjoy some pot in your room on vacation in the future PEI is the province for you. 

Cover photo by Vapor Vanity

Source:Marijuana Business Daily 

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