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One Canadian Woman Is Traumatized After A Beaver Tried To Eat Its Way Into Her Home

We’ve all had some kind of animal we didn’t want in our house at some point, whether it be mice or rats or ants.

But almost no one has a beaver try to get into their house, this may be Canada but that doesn’t mean that we literally live with our national animal. They build their own homes anyway what do they need us for?

We love them of course, but we don’t want to live with them in our homes. But a beaver in Nanaimo British Columbia did its darn best to try to break into someone’s house earlier this week.  

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A Nanaimo woman, named Jessica Boyd, was watching TV in her living room when she heard a large noise that sounded like someone was trying to break into her house.

She called her neighbour, who then called the cops for her.

After some investigation, the police discovered that no person had tried to break into her house, it was actually a beaver.  

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As Const. Kevin O’Brien of the Nanaimo RCMP said “They put their flashlights on it and the hands didn’t come up, but the paws came up.”

The suspect then made a break for it, evading capture and waddling down the road as fast as it could.

The suspect is described as “12 inches high, somewhat overweight with a large tail and very large, yellow teeth,” said O’Brien.  

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It’s believed it probably returned to the nearby woods.

Welcome to Canada everyone where the wildlife will try to come and live with you. 

Source: CTV News