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The Netflix Show ‘One Day At a Time’ Was Saved, But Canadian Fans Are Worried They Won’t Be Able To Watch It

The battle was a hard one for One Day at a Time fans but they finally won! After Netflix canceled one of their most representative shows, the internet was furious. There were petitions, articles, and angry tweets directed at the platform for weeks. Finally, after months, a network finally picked up the show, but it may not be something for all fans to celebrate. Although One Day at a Time will be returning for a fourth season, Canadians may not be able to watch it

The network that picked up the comedy is POP TV! They're owned by CBS and was the networks only option because of the limiting contract CBS has with Netflix.

The downside to this situation is that only Americans have access to the channel. This is making Canadian fans really nervous about where they'll be able to watch their favourite show. 

Part of the contract is that CBS, a channel we have in Canada, will only be able to air re-runs of the show. Considering the show has built a worldwide audience, the network will probably have to strike a deal with some international channels. Fingers crossed! 

Despite the worry about how international viewers will be able to watch the new season, most fans are celebrating with the cast on twitter: 

If you haven't checked out One Day at a Time yet, the first three seasons are still streaming on Netflix! The show is about a Cuban family navigating life in California and is a reboot of the 1970's show with the same title. 

Hopefully, they resolve the Canadian viewer issue soon so that fans can get back to their regular scheduled dose of comedy! 

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