If you're from Canada and grew up on Degrassi: The Next Generation odds are you laughed, cried and were upset while following the storylines of Paige, Hazel, Spinner, Manny, Emma, Mia and of course Jimmy. 

When Emma went through her eating disorder, when Jimmy was shot and paralyzed, when Mia struggled to deal with life as a teen mom and a fashion model and when the show tackled things like molestation, rape, and abuse - you felt it in your soul!

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And if you grew up on the show like I did, and watched it from its first season to its last, I'm sure you can get the level of excitement that was felt when on June 13th Drake (aka Jimmy, aka Aubrey) dropped his "I'm Upset" music video and served Degrassi fans some cast reunion realness- at the old school campus no less. 

I think there's a childhood part of all of us wants to believe that they're all still BFFs and that behind closed doors the kids that we fell in love with on-screen are adults that actually love and support each other IRL - and all that kumbaya, happy hippie good vibes.  

Which kind of seems true according to Instagram account Comments By Celebs, who happened to catch one of the Degrassi co-stars fawning over Drake in his IG comment section. 

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Although, it's not exactly what you think! 

Miriam McDonald, aka Emma Nelson on the show, was caught in the comments section of one of Drake's most recent Instagram photos. The image is of him holding a wine glass in a black wifebeater and sweats with his extremely jacked physique on display. 

Uploaded 15 hours ago, Drake captioned the image "Santa Margherita the real thirst quencher". 

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Where Miriam then responded by saying, "Us girls of Degrassi really did have the hottest big brother right? @cassandrasteele"

Making sure to tag her on-screen best friend Cassie Steele (Manny Santos). 

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Drake happened to see the comment and playfully responded back saying "@miriamkatherine26 don’t gas me up 😂💙"

And Miriam ended it off with a hilarious, "@champagnepapi 😏💙👯😍"

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It might not be much, but for fans of the show, we know this is exactly the kind of behind the scenes love we are thirsting for. And the playful banter is EVERYTHING! GIVE US MORE Degrassi cast!