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One Province Makes Up Over 60% Of All Insurance Claims In Canada And It's Not Ontario

No province in Canada has anywhere near as many insurance claims.
One Province Makes Up Over 60% Of All Insurance Claims In Canada And It's Not Ontario

Ontario is the most populated province in the country, around 10% of all of Canada lives in the Greater Toronto Area alone.

You’d think that when it comes insurance claims Ontario would come first with all the cars and accidents.

But you’d be wrong. Another province rules all of Canada when it comes to claiming insurance money with over 60% of claims made in that province alone. 

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It's Alberta, where 61% of insurance claims in Canada were made between 2010 and 2017, and when you think about it makes sense.

Alberta has somethings Ontario doesn’t. That would be much more extreme weather conditions and natural disasters. 

Ontario can get those too but not on the same scale that Alberta does. The Prarie province is prone to massive forest fires each year, flooding, as well as getting more tornados and colder winters. 

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The wildfire in that destroyed a large piece of Fort McMurray back in 2016 is easily the most-costly thing to happen to any Canadian province in the past decade.

And of course, losing your house to something like a fire leads to a much larger insurance claim than getting in a fender bender on your commute to work.

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In just 7 years there were $5 billion in insurance claims in just Alberta, the city of Calgary alone has had hail storms that have cost millions of dollars.  

So if you want to avoid high insurance premiums, you'll want to avoid having to call your insurance company because your house was destroyed - you might want to stay clear of Alberta.  

Source: CBC