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Ontarians Are Fleeing Their Homes Because Of Forest Fires And It's Heartbreaking

Evacuations have been called for in parts of Northern Ontario.
Ontarians Are Fleeing Their Homes Because Of Forest Fires And It's Heartbreaking

Ontarians in the northern part of the province are being forced out of their homes as smoke and flames from the nearby forest fires get even closer. The dry windy weather has led to an insane number of forest fires burning across Northern Ontario this summer. 

One forest fire, in particular, known as Parry Sound 33, has been burning very close to the Trans Canada Highway, the nation's major roadway, and now residents in the nearby communities have been forced to leave their homes and possessions behind. 

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Residents in Killarney, Ontario were served an evacuation notice by the town yesterday as the forest fires drew even closer. The municipal government there instructed people to take three days worth of clothing, food, and water with them as they left the town. 

Having to pack up and leave is understandably heartbreaking for these residents, who are unable to take all their possessions and are left with the uncertainty of if or when they can go back and what they will find when they do return. 

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One resident, in particular, Donna Butson found it incredibly hard to leave her home behind. Having lost her husband three years ago, she says the house is full of his memory so if she loses it in the fire, she will be losing more than just a building. 

Residents in other nearby communities remain hopeful that the fires won't force them out of their homes as well, but many people have bags already packed with food, clothing, and their valued possessions ready to go by their doors. 

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There are currently over 500 firefighters working to battle the blazes in Northern Ontario. 200 of them have come from Mexico to assist in the effort. 

Source: CP24