Now that Doug Ford is the premier of Ontario people are wondering when he will start delivering on his campaign promises, specifically his big promise of $1 beer. 

Well, Ontarians may be disappointed to learn that you will probably never be able to buy beer at such a low price. 

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While Ford ran on the promise of buck-a-beer, what he really promised was to lower the minimum price that people are allowed to sell beer at to a dollar. This doesn't guarantee that retailers will sell it at that price and Ford can't force them to either. 

On a Reddit thread Ontarians furtherexplain what Doug Ford really promised to do and why in the grand scheme of things it doesn't add up to much. 

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As explained Ford promised to lower the floor price of beers in Ontario. While that is a promise he could stick to, the lowest possible price to sell alcohol at currently in Ontario is already at $1.15. Meaning he wouldn't lower it by much. 

Despite that, the LCBO and other retailers still sell alcohol at higher prices, indicating that even if the floor price was lowered, beer would still sell at the same prices it does now. 

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In the grand scheme of things, brewers and retailers still have costs they have to balance and obviously want to make a profit, meaning at the end of the day, buck-a-beer is not coming anytime soon.