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Here's What A $1K Apartment Rental Looks Like In Different Ontario Cities

It's all about location.
Toronto Senior Staff Writer
Here's What A $1K Apartment Rental Looks Like In Different Ontario Cities

When it comes to places to live, location can make a big difference in the cost.

These Ontario $1K apartments are all priced the same, but what you get for your money varies in every city.

In Toronto, where prices are notoriously high, the apartment is unsurprisingly small, while places like Kingston offer a more spacious living area.

If you're thinking of moving into a new apartment, you might consider moving to a new city too.

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Price: $1000

Address: 798 Richmond St. W., Toronto, ON

Description: This 236 square-foot bachelor apartment has water and heating included in the rent, and comes with 6 months of free parking.

[image 600995d17e9627f902394216]

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Price: $999

Address: 117 Park St., Kingston, ON

Description: This 1-bedroom apartment is 560 square-feet and includes water and heating in the rent.

[image 600860021149dc90bdb9e3c3]

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Price: $1000

Address: 66 King St. E., Hamilton, ON

Description: This 4-bedroom condo offers your own private suite with shared living accommodations. Netflix, internet, and cleaning services are included with rent.

[image 60098e2528221bf8638542bd]

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Price: $1085

Address: 301 Oxford St. Platts Lane, London, ON

Description: The bachelor apartment comes with access to a fitness centre, pools, and more.

[image 600990267e9627f9023941ce]

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Price: $899 - $1050

Address: 315 Holmwood Ave., Ottawa, ON

Description: You can move into a bachelor apartment for under $1k with heating and water included at this spot.

[image 60099248c42816f624a13cf9]

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Price: $999 - $1029

Address: 416 Lancaster St. W., Kitchener, ON

Description: With 1-bedrooms and bachelors available for around $1k, you can enjoy hardwood floors and fireplaces at this place.

[image 600993347e9627f9023941ec]

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Price: $1000

Address: 488 Oak St., Windsor, ON

Description: Boasting 2 bedrooms, this apartment is close to the university, shops, and more.

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