A Bear Was Filmed Exploring & Playing Peek-A-Boo On An Ontario Construction Site (VIDEO)

Bear with us, we're just watching this video!
Ontario Bear Sighting Captures Animal Exploring Construction Site And Playing Peek-A-Boo

If you're hoping for a pun here, please bear with us. Encounters with a certain animal seem to be all the rage in the province right now and this Ontario bear sighting was a little more playful than usual. The four-legged resident of Timmins, Ont. was filmed happily exploring a construction site recently and even took a moment to play peek-a-boo with the person filming.

It seems like the province's wildlife has been thriving in recent weeks with fewer people out and about.

And that includes one of Ontario's biggest predators, too.

There have been numerous bear sightings in recent weeks, and the latest one, near the northeastern city of Timmins, was shared by The Weather Network on Sunday, May 24.

In the video, shot on May 17 a construction site, a bear can be seen enjoying itself and exploring the machinery.

It turns and looks towards the camera for a second before continuing on its way. But, in a pretty cute moment, it then loiters behind a CAT vehicle, peeking its head back out to shoot another look at the filmer.

"Where are you off to?" the person filming asks as the camera pans beyond the vehicle, expecting to see the bear emerge the other side.

Instead, he shoots another interested look towards the camera. 

"Oh, you're gonna peek-a-boo," says the woman filming as she pans back to see the bear's face. She then moves around the CAT machinery to find the animal sneaking another glance from behind a dumpster.

The bear then lopes off as what sounds like an out-of-shot dog nervously whimpers.

We don't blame the pup, to be honest. This bear may have seemed friendly but we all know how dangerous they can be to humans, and this one certainly seemed very interested in whoever was filming it.

Bear sightings seem to be becoming more common in Ontario as a result of it being quieter outdoors.

In fact, Timmins is reporting a surge in "nuisance" bears, according to CTV News.

Late last week, one of the animals was putting on a treetop show for filming onlookers.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, a resident of Barrhaven near Ottawa was stunned to see a bold black bear strolling through a park-and-ride one morning.

And in perhaps the most adorable clip yet over in Alberta, two bears were filmed playing with someone's wind chimes in a backyard.

Almost unbearably cute, if you ask us.