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Ontario Bear Video Shows The Creature Roaming Tree Tops & Practicing Acrobat Skills

It looks like one bear was trying to get some exercise. The high-climbing creature was caught on camera casually standing at the very top of a tree in Lake of the Woods. The Ontario bear video shows the furry acrobat balancing on the thin branches to reportedly eat some tree buds. 

In a video that was posted on Facebook on May 19 by the Woods District Stewardship Association, spectators can be heard admiring the rare sight. 

The black bear can be seen perched at the very top of a high tree. 

Standing on its hind legs, the bear doesn't seem to be afraid of heights as it picks at the tree branches with its mouth. 

"I've never seen that before, not that high up," says one of the viewers behind the camera. 

"Here's a better look at the bear doing an incredible balancing act in the high branches on an island in Lake of the Woods while snacking on the sweet new buds," read the Facebook post.The sighting has garnered 276,000 views and over 6,000 shares on Facebook as people take in the spectacular sight.  

Wild animals are thriving all over the province and have been spotted in some of the most unsuspecting places. 

Although this video was filmed on a secluded island in Lake of the Woods, residents across Ontario have seen the animals walking around in cities as well. 

Ottawa residents were stunned after seeing one strolling through a parking lot in broad daylight. 

Bear sightings have been on the rise, according to CBC. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has recorded more calls than usual related to bear interactions. Experts believe that this is because of the cold weather that hasn't been letting up, and has been putting a strain on the food supply. 

A bear was also spotted roaming around in B.C. with an "exceedingly unusual" amount of cubs.  

Now that these magnificent beasts are woken up from hibernation, they are ready to eat, which is exactly what the acrobatic bear is going to great lengths to do.