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People Are Stunned After Tiny Ontario Town Wins 3 Weed Dispensaries Within 200 Metres

The lottery system seems to work great for a lot of things like prizes and big cash wins, but when it comes to deciding on business locations, it's perhaps not the most logical. Tell that to the town of Innisfil. The town, boasting a population of around 36,000 people and located approximately 80 kilometres north of Toronto in Simcoe County, was awarded not one, not two, but three cannabis stores in principle in the Ontario Cannabis Lottery on Wednesday.

That's not even the full extent of the problem, though. Even aside from the fact that's one dispensary per handful of thousand people in the town, the three locations drawn in the lottery are all on the same street.

In fact, they would be literally minutes away from each other at 2008, 1988, and 1982 Commerce Park Drive.

Now, a lottery system may seem like a fair and unbiased way to do things, but in cases like this, it's inevitably going to lead to a lot of issues being raised and questions being asked.

And sure enough, many people on Twitter are criticizing the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario's choice of utilizing a lottery system to determine where, across Ontario, shops should be opened.

One Twitter user shared pictures of where the Innisfil locations would be, calling out the AGCO for not doing their research.

And now people are questioning the legitimacy of the applicants.

According to the AGCO website, applications were randomly selected while using a third-party-certified AGCO lottery software program. The KPMG, a Canadian audit, tax, and advisory service, was there to ensure the lottery process was conducted fairly.

There were 4,864 eligible applicants included in the lottery draw, and only 42 were selected, according to

Whether or not you believe the lottery was a fair system, you can theoretically expect to see three new shops in Innisfil in the near future. Although, you know, it makes zero sense.

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