This Ontario Castle For Sale Is So Extra It Has Its Own Personal Beach

A dream home for beach lovers!
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Ontario Castle For Sale Has Its Own Personal Beach

If you like to daydream, chances are you've imagined yourself escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and moving out by the water. However, while you might have pictured yourself moving into a quaint cottage, one Ontario castle for sale is bringing your daydream to a whole other level. This property in Carling, Ontario is so extra that it even has its own personal beach. 

43 Grace Ln. is the perfect place to call home for those who are looking to live the beach life without losing the elegance of the Toronto mansion-sized home. 

Sitting on 6.3 acres of land, this five-bedroom home resembles the likes of a castle, and it even features a tower that overlooks the water below. 

While the inside of the home features elegant fireplaces and a rustic wood feel, it's the outside of the estate that is really the selling factor. 

Located right on the edge of Georgian Bay, the property comes with sandy beaches, a floating boathouse, and its own personal waterfall. 

You can spend your mornings lounging on the beach without the commotion of tourists around you. Once you've soaked up enough sun, you can hop onto your boat and take it for a ride around the bay. 

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However, if the weather starts to look gloomy, you don't have to end your beach day. 

The estate also comes with a heated indoor pool, so you can spend time in the water all year long. 

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If you want to invite your BFFs over for the weekend, the estate also comes with a two-bedroom apartment and a one-bedroom guest suite. 

However, there is more than enough room for all of you to lounge out in the main home. 

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If buying a castle on the beach just isn't in your budget, you can always check out renting a private island for a weekend instead. 

Castle With Its Own Private Beach

Price: $1,999,000

Address: 43 Grace Ln., Carling, ON

Description: This castle-like home has its own private beach and boathouse, making it the perfect vacation getaway. 

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Allysha Howse
Ontario Editor
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