Who’s ready for a little real estate daydreaming? The rising cost of housing in Ontario means many of us won’t be homeowners anytime soon. Even if you went halvsies on a place with a roomie, prices are still pretty steep. But we’ve found an Ontario chalet for sale that comes with the absolute cutest built-in roommates, though, you shouldn’t expect them to help pay the rent. 

Located in the Niagara region, this 4,460-square-foot home comes complete with a pack of adorable alpacas. 

Talk about the world’s cutest housemates. 

The Austrian-style chalet sits on 10 acres of land just minutes from the gorgeous community of Niagara-on-the-Lake. 

So not only will you have the cutest furry neighbours, but you’ll always be around for wine-o’clock as well. 

In addition to the alpaca farm, this gorgeous eight-bedroom home also operates as a bed & breakfast. 

Wow, from homeowner to business owner, just like that. 

The home’s upper balcony, which is part of the homeowner's quarters, is shrouded in trees, giving it the ultimate tree-fort vibe. 

You’ll also find an income-producing hayfield on the property so you can make that side bread.

Oh, and did we mention just how scenic the backyard views are?

So it seems this house comes with plenty of earning opportunities.

But, at $1,875,000, we might have to put in a few shifts at the farm before submitting an offer.

You certainly can't deny the interior of this stunning chalet is cozy and modern for the most part.

However, there’s a charming breakfast area for guests that will give you serious old-school diner vibes.

Currently, the home/B&B combo also has a sweet little shop where you can find all sorts of super-soft alpaca socks, scarves, and hats.

Outside you’ll be swept up in a gorgeous green oasis.

There’s even a sweet little pond in the yard where you can take a paddleboat ride.

Even if we can't go to open houses right now due to COVID-19, you can bet we're adding this house to the list of virtual sightseeing we plan to do.

Chalet B&B & Alpaca Farm

Price: $1,875,000

Address: Niagara-On-The-Lake, ON

Description: You could have the cutest furry roommates at this beautiful Ontario chalet. 

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