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Ontarians Are Being Urged To Shine A Light For Doctors At 9 p.m. On Friday

"Doctors' Day" is taking on new importance in 2020.

Shine bright like a... supporter of health workers. Yes, it's time to give thanks to doctors across the province. May 1 is officially Ontario Doctors' Day and residents are being asked to "shine a light for them" right at 9 p.m.

Although the day of celebration and gratitude is held every year in the province on May 1, this year it's going to hit a little differently than prior years. 

During a pandemic like this, provincial doctors are working day and night to ensure the health and safety of Ontario residents.

And the Ontario Medical Association is campaigning for them to get the recognition they deserve on Friday evening.

"With this year’s Doctors’ Day falling in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, the OMA is organizing a special moment so Ontarians can come together from a distance, and participate in celebrating doctors," reads a statement from the OMA's official website.

And the best thing is that if you plan to show your support, taking part in this event isn't hard at all.

Wherever you are, if you can shine your phone's flashlight through your window, front porch, balcony, or wherever suits you best.

Just make sure to hold it up high, wherever you are.

Then, you can post the moment to your social media using the hashtags #DoctorsDay and #ShineALightForThem and share why you’re shining your light.

Since the start of the pandemic across the world, there hasn't been a lack of thanks and support for healthcare workers facing the virus head-on.

Despite social distancing, Torontonians have made sure to show their support as much as they can, even banging pots and pans outside their homes to cheer them on.

Toronto buildings have shown small gestures, too, lighting up the night sky with hearts as a tribute to frontline workers.

And the provincial government has even ensured that these essential workers get extra pay for their efforts.

There have been serious challenges they've faced too, though.

Most notably, plenty of health workers have reported a desperate shortage of PPE, despite some Ontario groups' efforts to provide them with more protection.

In fact, the potential shortage has got so bad that one major Toronto hospital has developed a full-face snorkel mask to use should regular face shields run out.

This year is the year to let provincial medical workers know how much they're appreciated.

So, go on, shine a light in support tonight.