An Ontario Drunk Driver Reportedly Drove Himself To A Local Police Station & Was Arrested

A pretty easy job for the police.
Ontario Drunk Driver Reportedly Drove To A Police Station & Was Arrested

We pretty much all know that police officers don't have the easiest jobs. From having to chase criminals down busy highways at speeds most of us will never hit, to having to pull (or even use) their guns - it's not a gig for the faint of heart. But an alleged Ontario drunk driver in Vaughan made things a bit easier for York Regional Police when they drove into the police parking lot. 

According to a tweet from the police service, officers heading in for the day shift spotted a suspected impaired driver on Rutherford Road in Vaughan. As they begin to follow the vehicle, to their surprise, the driver pulled into the parking lot of York Regional Police District 4 headquarters. 

Police didn't mention whether the alleged drunk driver was just looking to get parked as soon as possible, or if maybe they realized the trouble they were facing. However, they made sure to note the weirdness of the incident.

"We are open for business 24 hours - but coming to us for arrest is a new one," the police's tweet read. While the situation may be humorous, let's be thankful the police got to the motorist, who could have potentially caused damage to other vehicles or even harm others on the road. 

The strange incident naturally attracted some online reactions, both memes, and comments. Twitter user Leysfort used Canadian hunk Ryan Gosling to show their disbelief of what happened.

Everybody has jokes on Twitter right? Well, a few users made their attempts at turning the situation into puns. Whether they were on point or not is debatable.

One Twitter user even writing, "Since when did you guys offer "self-serve"? Or is this a new initiative."

But for others, the incident wasn't really something to laugh about. Dozens of people are killed and thousands more injured by impaired drivers in Canada every year. One commentator called out York Police for making a joke about the situation, "It's disappointing to see YRPD joking about this."

While this is the first time York Police said they've seen this, there have been similar incidents in the past.

Last year, Narcity reported on a 32-year-old man who drove himself to a police station in Mississauga to prove to his friends that he was alright to drive after a night of drinking. His breathalyzer test showed otherwise, he was one-and-a-half times over the legal limit. 

It appears the lesson that we can all learn from this is if you've been drinking, don't drive - ever! 

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