A Spring Storm Is Going To Bring Rain, Snow & Thunder To Ontario This Week (VIDEO)

Storms are sweeping through the province.
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Ontario Forecast Is Calling For Rain, Snow & Thunder This Week (VIDEO)

It looks like it’s going to be a wet few days starting on hump day. The Ontario forecast is calling for some pacific and winter storms this week.  

According to The Weather Network, it’s going to rain from the southern-most regions to Toronto and GTA starting on Wednesday evening – and should last until Friday night.

Expect about 15 - 30 mm of precipitation each day.  

London, Sudbury, and all the areas between will be seeing mixed conditions.  

Eastern Ontario, will be getting a bit of snow on Thursday morning but then it’s back to rain.  

By Friday, the weather in and around Hamilton and Guelph could escalate to a thunderstorm.  

But the sun will be back in full blast just in time for the weekend.

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Jade Woo-Giroux
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