Gas Prices Across Ontario Are Finally Dropping Tonight

Doug Ford is making good on his promise.
Gas Prices Across Ontario Are Finally Dropping Tonight

The long-awaited relief at the pumps is finally coming. Ever since Premier Doug Ford promised Ontarians cheaper gas people have been anxiously awaiting the day when prices would drop. 

Well, Ontarians that day has finally come. Tonight, gas is estimated to go down by five cents per litre, bringing it down to $1.24/L. 

This is in part thanks to Doug Ford. One of the Premier's first decisions once coming to power in June was to cut the Cap and Trade program, which included the carbon tax. Without a mandated tax on gas, producers are able to charge less. 

It was just last week that fuel refineries actually stopped charging the almost five cents/litre carbon tax which dropped the price of diesel significantly. That being said, we are still waiting for Doug Ford's promise to drop gas by 10 cents/litre. 

But the lower prices we'll see tonight aren't all because of Doug Ford. The weather also plays a big part in the price drop since gas is actually really dependent on the seasons. 

In summer, gas always costs more to make, since they have to use more additives to keep it from evaporating in warm weather. Since summer is officially coming to an end this week, they will be switching to their winter fuel blends, meaning prices will go down. 

If you are running on empty and eager to take advantage of cheaper gas, you should wait until later tonight or tomorrow as the lower prices are expected to come overnight tonight. 

Source: City News

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