Ontarians will soon be able to enjoy what has long been a staple for U.S. sports events - that makeshift party in the parking lot we all know as “tailgating”. Unlike our neighbours to the south, Ontarians haven't been able to enjoy the sporting event tradition. But, according to a government source, that’s all about to change. The Ontario government is set to legalize tailgating, according to a report by the Toronto Sun.

The Ontario government is expected to deal with the changes to tailgating laws this Thursday following the government’s release of its budget, reports The Sun. The legalization of tailgating will allow sports fans to bring their own brews to the game, hang around parked vehicles, and even barbeque their own pre-game snacks.

However, it won’t be total beer-soaked chaos. Police will reportedly still be monitoring the situation to ensure that new tailgaters don’t go too crazy and try to drive home.

“You can do your BYOB tailgating, but obviously all the laws still apply. The police will still be checking for drinking and driving, they’re still going to be doing all the social responsible things. Adults know they can’t drink and drive. Adults know they shouldn’t consume too much. Some people could get carried away, but that’s going to happen whether you have tailgating or not. This is the just government treating adults like adults,” a government source told The Sun.

Perhaps the most intriguing element of the new amendment is that it will allow permit holders to sell their own booze on site. The option to set up a beer tent outside of the arena or stadium will no doubt to appeal to those trying to make a profit off of the new tailgating laws. But, thankfully the BYOB option will give Ontarians a break from having to spend $15 on a single king can. 

Obviously, tailgating outside of Scotiabank Arena or the Rogers Centre in downtown Toronto won't really be possible due to the limited parking space. But, it certainly opens up a world of opportunity for Ontarians to enjoy sporting events in a new way.