Yesterday, Ontario high schools found themselves in the media cycle after a 17-year-old named Rayne Fisher-Quann inspired schools across the province to take action. That action was called to in the form of a formal protest involving schools across the province to fight together against the government. 

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Fight against what exactly? The main purpose behind the walkout was for students to show the Ontario government that they were not okay with the changes to the sex-ed curriculum made by Premier Doug Ford. Another reason embedded in the protest as well included the protest of exclusion of Indigenous issues and education from Ontario high school curriculum. 

Some of the Malvern Collegiate students organizing a walkout to protest the repeal of the 2015 sex ed curriculum. It’s part of a province-wide day of action called #wethestudentsdonotconsent

September 20, 2018

The protests started yesterday when students were organized by a Twitter page and told to leave class during mid-day as an act of protest. 

September 21st, our classrooms go purple. They’re going to hear us, each and every one of them. Will you be standing with us? #WeTheStudentsDoNotConsent

September 13, 2018

Since then, yesterday's protests have caught the attention of the entire province, and the protests were even spoken about in Parliament on Thursday. NDP member Marit Stiles brought it up to the minister of education noting "students across our province are staging walkouts to protest the chaos brought on by this government's rollback of sex education."

Couldn’t find a purple shirt, so my son and I made this one instead #LGBTQ #SexEd #OCDSB #wethestudentsdonotconsent

September 21, 2018

The students have clearly made some insanely impressive strides with regard to getting attention towards their cause. But, if you thought the students were stopping there, you're very wrong.

Protests are slated to continue today between the hours of 1 and 3 pm. Many are expecting yesterday's 200 high school student turnout to grow even larger today. 

While it's unclear what will come from the protests with regard to actual change from the government, it's pretty impressive to see high school students fighting for their education and future. To keep up with their journey, you can follow the hashtag #WeTheStudentsDoNotConsent where students protesting across the GTA are keeping Ontarians updated on their movement. 

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