We'd love to see more of this kind of thing, to be honest! Abandoned buildings and factories are normally subject to demolition crews and machinery, but one artist made sure that wasn't the case for an abandoned hospital in Sudbury, Ontario. Instead, the artist known as RISK is creating an incredible Ontario hospital mural that will transform the area's landscape.

UPDATE: Up Here confirmed in a blog post on Sept. 3 that the mural has now been completed. It measures in at a massive 74,000 square feet and took a total of 860 gallons of paint, 29 people, over 1,500 volunteer hours, three lifts, and one crane to create!

EARLIER: The Up Here festival held in Nickel City for the past five years hosted tons of bands and artists on the Aug. 16 to 18 weekend. Although that event is now in the rearview, one muralist is still working on a massive project that will become Canada's biggest mural.

The former St. Joseph's Health Centre, also known as Sudbury General Hospital, has received some new coats of paint covering the old brick walls.

In fact, that's a hell of an understatement. This vivid, vibrant look is sure to transform the local landscape.

The Up Here festival got RISK to paint an 80,000-square-foot mural on the old hospital side that faces Paris Street. So now, when people drive by, they'll see something bright and appealing rather than an old brown building.

Up Here festival does something similar every year, although not quite on the same scale as this. By bringing together so many muralists, bands, and installation artists, it turns downtown Sudbury into an urban art gallery, according to its website.

In order to make this whole thing happen, RISK requires about 700 gallons of paint and hundreds of cans of spray paint, according to CBC.

RISK's biggest sponsor, Panoramic Properties, actually owns the hospital so it's safe to say they approve of this transformation. After all, the building itself had been empty for such a long time, it definitely deserved a makeover!

The general reaction online to the bold initiative seems to be largely positive.

According to CBC, RISK plans to add some abstract pieces to the mural too. It is expected to be all completed by Aug. 27, so there are four more days until we can see the finished product. So far, it looks great!

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