A Video Of Ontario Health Care Staff Dancing Has Gone Viral For All The Right Reasons

It doesn't hurt to celebrate!
A Video Of Ontario Health Care Staff Dancing Has Gone Viral For All The Right Reasons

Sometimes we just need to let loose! And that's exactly what ICU staff at Markham Stouffville Hospital did, in celebration of a patient recovering from COVID-19. A video of the Ontario hospital staff dancing was shared onto Twitter, and it received over 50,000 views in just a few hours!

Health care workers are fighting day in and day out to help people beat the novel coronavirus, and are risking their lives to save others.

But sometimes a little celebration doesn't hurt, especially when an ICU patient is starting to get much, much better.

"The ICU team MS Hospital has been working night and day for the health and safety of each other and our many ventilated COVID patients," reads the tweet.

"...So when we extubate one...... we dance!" they explained.

For those who don't know what extubate means, it refers to removing a tube most often from the airway, according to Merriam-Webster.

One right behind the other, forming a conga line while practicing physical distancing, these Markham health workers celebrated the success of their patient breathing on their own.

Health care workers all over the country are being celebrated for being the heroes that we truly need in a time like this.

Although we're unable to thank them in traditional ways for keeping us safe, Canadians have come up with other ideas to show appreciation to frontline workers during the pandemic.

British Columbia's RCMP have been showing their support and appreciation by coming out every evening at 7 p.m. with sirens and flashing lights, to show them that we're all in this together.

In Ontario, Torontonians have come up with another way to show respect to health care workers. Videos have been shared of people banging pots and pans together from their apartments or driveways, and getting loud and proud with their appreciation!

Although this is a scary time for many, the sense of unity has never been stronger. People like Toronto Opera singer Julie Nesrallah felt inspired to help share positivity to the streets of the 6ix, and sang a song of unity to her surrounding neighbours.

During times like these, it doesn't hurt to celebrate big wins like this, especially if it's with a little dancing!