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You Can Rule Over Land & Lake In A Famous Irish Castle Replica In Ontario

The backyard views are royally gorgeous!

You know the old saying “a house fit for a king?” Well, we’ve found a place that was practically designed for royalty and it could theoretically be yours. That’s right, this Ontario house for sale is actually a replica of a famous Irish castle. Now, how’s that for a dream home? 

Modelled after McDermott's Castle in Ireland, this house is full of beautiful little details for you to admire, from the crown mouldings to the square castle turret that looks just like the original. 

Though, admittedly, at $895,000, you’ll probably have to do that admiring from afar right now. 

Located in one of the province’s prettiest towns, Goderich, Ont., this castle replica is just a short drive away from the bustling downtown core. 

But, when you’re on the property it’s nothing but lakeside views of Lake Huron and privacy. Hello!

The rounded driveway and stone pillars give you a sense of elegance right out of the gate.

Once inside, you’ll find breathtaking stained glass windows, a winding staircase, and grand ceilings that give us serious castle vibes. 

But don’t worry, a touch of modern decor keeps this place from looking like the newest Medieval Times location.

The home, which was built all the way back in 1862, comes complete with five bedrooms, three bathrooms, two garages, and 11 acres of land. 

It even has the original pine wood floors.

From your big backyard, you can enjoy a simply spectacular view of the Maitland River Valley, Lake Huron, and the Goderich Harbour.

Currently, the main and second floors of this three-story castle are used as an Airbnb.

Because why just be new homeowners when you could be new business owners at the same time?

Now, you may be thinking that $895,000 is a pretty steep price to pay, and you’re certainly not wrong.

But, when you consider what some of Toronto’s million-dollar homes look like, dropping this much cash on an actual castle doesn’t feel so bad, right?

If you seriously can't wait to walk through this gorgeous home, be sure to take the virtual tour here.

Your throne awaits!

St. George Crescent

Price: $895,000

Address: 92 St. George Crescent, Goderich, ON

Description: This gorgeous Irish castle replica will make all of your real estate royalty dreams come true.  

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