Ontario's All-Canadian Ice Cream Trail Is The Perfect Delicious Trek This August Long Weekend

Sweet treats on this trail.
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Ontario's All-Canadian Ice Cream Trail Is The Perfect Delicious Trek This August Long Weekend

The long weekend is almost upon us and if you've been looking for something sweet for your tastebuds, we've more than got you covered. The Ontario Ice Cream Trail includes 61 locations across the province for people to enjoy. If you're not willing to trek to every location this weekend, below are nine shops of note.

The Ontario Ice Cream Trail is a partnership between the Dairy Farmers of Ontario and local ice cream shops in Ontario to promote shops that use only Canadian dairy and are fully Canadian owned and operated.  

"The ice cream trail was put together to highlight and celebrate local dairy shops who make ice cream using dairy from local dairy farmers," Shelley Bloetjes, marketing coordinator for the Dairy Farmers of Ontario, told Narcity.

The trail boasts over 900 flavours from its 61 shops, but the sweetest part isn't the ice cream - it's the trail's commitment to featuring an all-Canadian lineup of shops. Along with being Canadian owned and using Canadian dairy, the shops have custom, original Canadian flavours. 

"Ice cream is such a beloved treat during Ontario summers and we wanted to put a spotlight on those that are using fresh, local products," said Bloetjes.

And those shops definitely feel the love.

"[It's] fun and it showcases amazing, mostly small businesses in Ontario," Ajoa Mintah, founder and owner of Four All Ice Cream, told Narcity.

Here are nine locations to get sweet treats this weekend.

Ed's Real Scoop: 189 Roncesvalles Avenue, Toronto

Ed's has multiple locations across Toronto but its Roncesvalles location is the main one for the Ontario Ice Cream Trail. The shop offers ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, and sorbets all made in-store.

Dutch Dreams:36 Vaughan Road, Toronto

Dutch Dreams is a family business in Toronto and the family is in its third generation of ice cream and frozen yogurt making.

Shaw's Dairy Bar:6598 Sunset Drive, St. Thomas, Ontario

Shaw's has been around since 1948 but sisters Kelly Heleniak, Kristine Hayes, and Kim McCutchen bought the shop 18 years ago. The St. Thomas location is a local landmark.

"This is a great way to promote our locally-made ice cream," Heleniak told Narcity.

Waterfront Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt:229 Dalhousie Street, Amherstburg, Ontario

Waterfront is a family business that began in 1979. The shop has over 50 flavours of ice cream, frozen yogurt, and gelato.

Simply Scoops: 38 Robinson Street, Port Burwell, Ontario

Simply Scoops serves up locally-sourced ice cream and other frozen treats in a family-friendly environment.

Four All: 141 Whitney Place, Kitchener, Ontario

Four All uses all locally-sourced, natural ingredients to make its ice cream and rotates flavours on a monthly basis.

Belly Ice Cream: 75 Main Street East, Huntsville, Ontario

Belly is an artisan shop that is all-natural with completely handcrafted ice cream that is always made fresh in-store.

Mercury Chocolates & Gelateria:24 John St, Port Hope, Ontario

Mercury is an authentic gelateria that makes gelato with Ontario dairy on-site. 

Kawartha Dairy: 89 Prince Street, Bobcaygeon, Ontario

One of the most famous Ontario ice cream brands, Kawartha Dairy has been in operation for over 80 years with the same family at the helm.

"Ice cream businesses are extremely collaborative and involve many other small food businesses, farmers, and producers. Celebrating us allows many others to shine as well," said Mintah.

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