Ontario has seen some pretty wild weather this year. There was the ice storm right at the end of the winter that never seemed to end, and just a few weeks ago enough rain to flood parts of downtown Toronto.

But, the province may be in for some serious wild weather tomorrow, it seems.

The Weather Network reports that a tornado or two may touch down in the province of Ontario tomorrow, along with some severe active weather.

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Much of the southern region of the province is expected to see heavy rain and sever thunderstorms tomorrow.

Depending on how things go, all weather factors may be at play because of the storms, and that includes isolated tornadoes.

Forecasters are on the lookout for strong wind gusts and hail as well. 

An incoming significant and fall-like storm packs a triple threat in Ontario on Tuesday. Brace for locally heavy rain, strong winds and thunderstorms (including an isolated tornado threat) if the right conditions align. Latest here: https://t.co/K9RnS5q1gh #onstorm pic.twitter.com/zZlVYHOpCw

August 20, 2018

The storm will mainly be concentrated in the southern area of the province, stretching from the very southern tip of the province, up to around Parry Sound and east to around Kingston.

Tornadoes in Ontario are very rare and there is absolutely no guarantee that one will actually touch down. 

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It’s also almost impossible to predict where exactly a potential tornado would form at this time.

If you do see a tornado, though, you should seek shelter immediately and attempt to get to a basement if possible. For more information on tornado activity from Weather Canada, click here.

Source: The Weather Network