As we’re sure you’ve already heard earlier this week the new Ontario government led by premier Doug Ford is repealing the sex-ed curriculum put in by the previous Liberal government and going back to the one that was put in place in 1998.

Well Ontario's neighbour Quebec is going to the complete opposite end of the spectrum.

It’s going to start teaching sex to boys and girls in kindergarten.  

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Surprisingly sex-ed was dropped as a curriculum subject taught in schools a decade ago in Quebec.

It’s going to be making a comeback though, and in a huge way with it being mandatory in all grades.

And yes, that means kindergarteners will be given sex education, including where babies come from. 

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Kindergarteners will also be taught what their own body parts are called. Quebec students will learn about same-sex relationships and homophobia as early as Grades 3 and 4, something that’s been dropped from Ontario’s curriculum.

More in-depth issues such as managing conflicts within relationships will be taught in older grades for Quebec students. 

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The president of the Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers, Sebastien Joly, says “We're actually implementing a much broader sexual education program across the board from elementary to high school, which takes into account today's reality. And certainly, with a broader lens when it comes to sexual education."

When asked to comment on Ontario’s move to go back to the old curriculum Joly said it’s "a regressive decision."

The new Quebec curriculum will begin in the fall of this year. 

Source: CBC