Have you ever dreamed of owning a private island? Let's be real, of course you have. We can't help but think that escaping to a lonesome paradise might be the best way to embrace the outdoors without worrying about social distancing right now. Well, just laying in the Rideau River is Rothwells Island, a very picturesque and very private Ontario island for sale that you can own for only about $550,000.

For roughly the same amount, you can get a place in the GTA, if you're lucky.

But a private island sounds so, so much better.

The adorable Rothwells Island is about a half-acre in size and is covered in beautiful green trees.

In short, it's your own island paradise!

You can find this spot in Drummond, North Elmsley, Ont., just a short drive or boat ride away from Smith Falls.

Here, you could hide away and wait for it all to blow over, or just take in the fresh air for the first time in a while.

Surrounded by nature, the island comes equipped with the cutest cottage home so you can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors even from the inside.

The place has two bedrooms and a bathroom with a sink, shower, and toilet, as well as a nicely sized living room that you can access from the front porch.

With open-concept rooms and large windows, you're able to take in the sunset and sunrise every day, while enjoying the calmness of the water.

And, although the house was built in the early 1900s, it has electric, insulation, double pane windows and even has wifi. 

There's also a built-in dock on both ends of the island and the nearest Marina is just about four kilometres away, which also has boat docking, boat storage, parking and gas.

Now, with a view like that, who wouldn't want to own their very own private island?

But even if this one (somehow) doesn't take your fancy, there are so many private islands in Ontario that you are actually able to purchase for much less than $300,000.

How's that for an investment idea?

So, escape the business of city life and enjoy what the world has to offer!

Rothwells Island

Price: $553,708.50

Address: Drummond/North Elmsley, Ont., Canada

Description: Live the private island life while staying in the province.

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