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Ontario Issues Province Wide Flood Warnings As Temperatures Reach Double Digits

Ontario issues province wide flood warnings during mid-March melt.

In the midst of mid-March warm up, Ontario issues province-wide flood warnings as temperatures reach double digits. There are also a number of locally issued flood warnings and watches as well as special weather statements in place from Environment Canada in parts of Ontario this week. 

These warnings come as parts of Ontario reach temperatures up to 17°C today and tomorrow. The Weather Network reports that a complex weather system is hitting Ontario for the end of this week, bringing near 20°C temperatures to the province. The warmest temperatures are expected in southwest Ontario, where places like Windsor will be closer to 17°C while Toronto hovers closer to 9°C. 

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Of course, with that system, there are also some major risks, one of them being flooding. The Weather Network warns of a "heightened threat for flooding amid rain and soaring temperatures" as precipitation and melting snow and ice will mean more water everywhere. 

This warning was echoed by the province, who have issued flood watches across the entirety of Southern Ontario and some Northern areas as well including Sudbury and Thunder Bay. That's on top of all the locally issued watches as well. 

The most severe warning is a locally issued flood warning from the Grand River Conservation Area. They warn of the potential for ice jams, excess run-off at creeks, and thin and breaking ice. 

This area includes Waterloo, Cambridge, Kitchener, Guelph, Brantford, and Orangeville among others. The warning was issued March 13 and remains in place until further notice. 

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Environment Canada also has its own warnings in place for parts of Ontario, but instead, they are warning about snow and rainfall. However, in their warnings, they still mention the risk for flooding saying the warm temperatures will "produce potentially significant snowmelt and localized ponding on streets and other low lying areas."

Parts of Ontario are expected to get up to 35 mm of rain by the end of this week. 

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