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Huge Lines Outside LCBO Stores Clogged Up Ontario On Friday (PHOTOS)

Ontarians were stocking up on some weekend essentials.
Ontario LCBO Lines Stretched All The Way Down City Streets On Friday

Gotta get those essential items. With another stay-at-home weekend on the horizon, Friday afternoon saw long Ontario LCBO lines have been seen in Toronto. While it remains as an essential store, the LCBO recently cut down its store hours across the board to encourage social distancing, and it looks like it's having an impact.

For the last couple of weeks, the federal, provincial, and municipal governments have tirelessly stressed the importance of social distancing.

Those calls have still been met by people lining up in concerning numbers for products.

And, after the LCBO made strides to cut their hours shorter, close on Mondays, and even try to manage traffic flow in their stores, Torontonians were still snaking around city streets on Friday afternoon to stock up ahead of the weekend.

And as the work (-from-home) day finished for many Torontonians, social media was soon abuzz with photos of the long lines people were willing to stand in. 

One Toronto resident who shared a photo outside the location at Pape and Gerrard streets told Narcity that he lined up for about 40 minutes. Once he got in, he says he was in the LCBO branch for less than a minute.

The resident did add, though, that the few times he has been out of the house to go to a shop, "people have been very patient and respectful about keeping distance."

Ontario is certainly trying to ensure people are aware of its importance.

No wonder, given the provincial health warning on Friday that if COVID-19 is not handled more carefully, the pandemic's effects could last up to two years.

And Toronto Mayor John Tory announced just yesterday, April 2, a new social distancing bylaw in effect in parks and city squares that if disobeyed, carries a fine of between $1,000 and $5,000. 

Toronto Police have already been strolling up and down the streets of the 6ix but hundreds will be out over the next couple of days with it being expected that a proportion of residents will ignore health advice again at the weekend.

The saying goes that Toronto loves to line up, and after No Frills saw similar lineups weeks ago as people aimed to stock up, the city's still not doing much to dispel that view right now.

Of course, booze options are more limited right now, particularly as two LCBO stores have already been hit by employees contracting the virus.

If you have to venture out to stock up on your poison of choice, it's best to keep social distancing front of mind.