Canada is a super-proud nation, and most Canadians are not ashamed to show love to their country. Whether it be by wearing Canada-y clothing, buying Canadian products, or, you know, fully incorporating Canada into your living space like the owners of this Ontario mansion with an indoor hockey rink

Canadian to the core, one homeowner in Erin, Ontario has really given the Canada vibes 100% effort, as he has built an actual synthetic hockey rink in his basement. If this doesn’t automatically make it the coolest house on the block, it also features extra-high, 15-foot ceilings, a heated salt-water pool and a 30-by-66-foot, fenced-in sports pad.

The luxury home was recently up for sale, for a whopping asking price of $1,597,000. While the price is enough to make most people’s eyes water, the stunning property has been personally designed by the previous owner, and, according to the listing agent’s website, it is “built with top-quality craftsmanship.”

The sporty house is located in Erin, in Wellington County, approximately 80 kilometres northwest of Toronto. The property also features heated flooring throughout, a floor-to-ceiling wood mantel that would fit a TV of epic proportions, as well as crystal chandeliers.

The synthetic hockey rink, exercise room, games room and sports-pad make this the perfect home for a family that loves all-things sporty!

Despite the extremely obvious sporty vibes of the property, the other parts have a pretty relaxed and sophisticated feel. The monochrome colour-scheme throughout the majority of the mansion gives it a real sense of luxury and splendour.

Unfortunately for anybody with a cool million to spare, the listing agent, Fernando Teves, has confirmed that the property has already been snapped up by a lucky buyer.  The quick sale is hardly surprising, as such a beautiful mansion with such a uniquely Canadian influence was bound to be popular with house-hunters.

The five-bedroom, four-bathroom property, which has a private double driveway with parking for 15 cars, was on the Ontario housing market for less than a month. 

While this particular property is no longer available,  the agent's website has lots of other luxury properties you can view of a similar opulence. Even if it is just to dream!