Ontario Police Forces Are Doing Random RIDE Checks To Crack Down On People Driving High This Week

There's going to be a MEGA Ride check later this week too.
Ontario Police Forces Are Doing Random RIDE Checks To Crack Down On People Driving High This Week

Police are wasting no time when it comes to cracking down on impaired drivers after weed legalization today. This entire week police forces are going to be holding RIDE stops to check random drivers for weed consumption. 

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The RIDE check stops are going to be set up on Ontario roads all across the province and police will be asking every driver if they've had weed before driving, meaning they can catch you even without pulling you over or analyzing your driving. 

Ottawa Police was one of the first police forces to announced that RIDE checks would be happening all week, and they also mentioned in their release that there would be a MEGA Ride involving a number of Ontario forces at some point this week. 

Ottawa didn't describe how exactly officers would be screening drivers at these stops, but some people and reporters who have seen and gone through them gave a little insight into the process.

CTV Ottawa viewer photo of Ottawa Police pot check in south endDrivers asked if they consumed dopecars pulled over#ottnews#Ottawa#ctvottawapic.twitter.com/GYBYFkjMzt

17 October 2018

Ottawa Police conducting RIDE program on Riverside. #cannabislegalization#pot#ottnews@ctvottawa@CFRAOttawapic.twitter.com/tcMwWQh2YH

17 October 2018

According to their tweets, Ottawa police are simply asking drivers if they have consumed marijuana that day. Obviously if you answer yes they will take steps to determine if you are currently high, but otherwise, they will have to rely on their training to figure out if you are actually impaired or not. 

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Ottawa Police say they have hundreds of officers with specialty training in field sobriety training, but a lot of people are still waiting to see how those tests will happen. 

Ontarians are still awaiting more details on the MEGA ride program that will involve multiple police forces and MADD chapters from across the province that is scheduled to take place at some point over the next few days. 

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