Adults-only Sir Sam's Inn and Spa is making headlines this week, as the resort has officially been designated as the first Ontario "pot-friendly" resort, just in time for summer. Less than one year after cannabis was legalized in Canada, the resort has become the first in Ontario to openly permit the consumption of cannabis by guests, reports The Chronicle Herald. If recreational cannabis is your thing, this place sounds like an ideal summer destination.

This summer, weed-lovers are expected to flock to the Haliburton Highlands, located about 2 and a half hours north of Toronto. The news is welcomed by cannabis consumers who are looking for a relaxing getaway in cottage country, according to a press release from Cannabis Hotels.

Wendy Forwell, founder and CEO of Cannabis Hotels, commented to The Chronicle Herald, "Somewhere like Sir Sam’s, which is more of an experience resort and more of a boutique type of hotel, it gives them more leeway to move in that direction."

She went on, "(Many hotel owners are) waiting to see what others do. It’s still very early days so they’re all holding back a little bit. Sir Sam’s is fully embracing this."

Sir Sam's Inn is a 25-room luxury four-season resort that basks along the shoreline of Eagle Lake.  After receiving its designation, the resort is exploring its new cannabis-friendly status with caution.

The resort's objective is to remain on the cutting edge of a growing trend in the hospitality business without chasing away loyal "anti-pot" customers.  Jon Massey, Sir Sam Inn's director of business development, told The Chronicle Herald, "We’re not looking to become a signature pot-smoking hotel or anything like that."

He continued, "It’s more about acknowledging it is legal now, we are an adults and couple resort and we do have professionals who like to come up and relax with the setting we provide.  Really, it’s a natural progression. We thought it was a unique opportunity. It was simply finding a way to say 'yes.'"

Based on the rules outlined by the Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association website, smoking or vaping of cannabis "will only be permitted for registered guests or invited guests of registered guests if the room is designated as a smoking room, and other conditions which align with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act are met."