If you thought the Canada Post rotating strikes were bad then get ready because Ontario is headed for a massive strike that will be much, much worse. 

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Ontario Power Generation (OPG), who is responsible for providing heat and electricity to Ontario homes and business, is set to strike after months of failed contract negotiations. Now, nearly 6000 unionized workers at OPG have voted in favour of job action that would put the province in the dark. 

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OPG is the main power utility in Ontario, meaning they are largely responsible for providing light, electricity, and heat to a large number of Ontarians. Back in March of this year, the contract ran up with their unionized workers in the Power Workers Union (PWU). Since then the two sides have been negotiating to try to reach a new deal but with no luck so far. 

The union is now in an official strike position. After rejecting OPG's final contract offer, the Power Worker's Union has voted in favour of job action, which could mean a full-on strike in Ontario. 

Obviously, a strike like this would have detrimental impacts on Ontario. Since OPG provides electricity to at least 50% of Ontario homes and businesses, this strike would essentially pull the plug on the province. 

The Ontario government is also warning that a lack of power would have a trickle-down effect on almost every other aspect of our lives as they rely on power to run. In a statement, the government warned that an OPG strike would devastate the economy. 

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As of right now, the government is still urging the two sides to reach a deal so that no strike action needs to be taken. In their statement, the government stated, "We will not allow Ontario families and seniors to spend their holiday season in the dark or to go without heat. We will do whatever is required to protect the health and safety of the people of Ontario." 

Source: iheartradioOntario Newsroom