An Ontario Driver Was Just Caught Going 271 Km/Hour & Their Tire Blew Out

That's way too fast.
Ontario Provincial Police Clocked A Driver Going 271 Kilometres Per Hour

People are trying anything to keep themselves busy these days. Unfortunately, that also means doing some dangerous stuff like stunt driving. In fact, Ontario Provincial Police reported this weekend that they pulled over a driver going 160 kilometres per hour — over the speed limit.

In an April 18 tweet, the OPP for the East Region shared a story about a driver who flew by a police cruiser doing 271 kilometres an hour.

The tweet included photos of the vehicle in question, which also appeared to have nearly lost its entire rear bumper in the  aftermath of the blowout.

Driving this fast could land the driver some hefty fines. 

According to the Highway Traffic Act, going more than 50 kilometres over the posted speed limit does not allow for out-of-court settlement.

Going that fast also incurs an automatic charge of stunt driving, which results in your vehicle being impounded and a seven-day license suspension.

The fine can be anywhere between $2,000 and $10,000 and the driver could also receive up to six months in prison.

The driver's license can also be suspended for up to two years if it's their first offence, according to Traffic Stop.

Their insurance rates would also most likely skyrocket after an incident like this one.

Twitter user @HydronicsMark asked if this was the fastest that had ever been clocked by the OPP. Surprisingly, it was not, although the police admitted they don't have a record of the fastest recorded speeds.

The number of stunt driving incidents has surged in Ontario lately, with many more tickets being issued. 

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