Frontline workers across the province are going to notice some extra cash in their bank accounts over the next few months. In an announcement made by the Ontario government in April, a temporary pandemic pay will be giving staff an additional $4 an hour. This Ontario raise for essential workers is available to anyone eligible and here's how you can get it. 

According to the Ontario Government's website, eligible frontline workers will be raking in some extra cash as they continue to work hard to help out the province during the pandemic. Those eligible could receive an extra $3,560 over a period of 16 weeks, which includes both an hourly increase and monthly bonuses.The temporary hourly raise goes to part-time as well as full-time workers, according to the Government of Ontario.

Luckily, if you are an eligible frontline worker, it shouldn't be hard to get your hourly raise.

The government states that the extra money will be administered automatically through participating employers.

However, when it comes to lump-sum payments, such as the monthly bonuses, the government site admits that they "are still working out how lump sum payments will be made."

Currently, the government is not asking for employers to apply for the pandemic pay. Instead, if a workplace is eligible to increase the pay among its employees it will be contacted by May 15.

However, workers will only see this raise appear on their paycheck if they are considered an eligible frontline worker. 

The list of those eligible workplaces includes healthcare facilities such as hospitals, longterm care and retirement homes. 

Staff at social services and correctional facilities are also able to receive more compensation at this time. A workplace does not have to have a COVID-19 outbreak to be eligible for the pay increase. 

The list of eligible staff is a hefty one and includes dozens of jobs. Some examples of those that can get paid a little bit more right now are nurses, personal support workers, paramedics. 

Auxiliary staff such as cooks, laundry services, custodians and housekeeping are also qualified for the raise if they work at the eligible facilities. 

Respiratory therapists, mental health workers, and security staff are also eligible. The move to help out frontline workers comes after the government of Ontario declared a state of emergency across Ontario. 

The state of emergency, which is set to last until at least June 2, has forced non-essential businesses to close their doors over the past few months.