Ford Questions Quebec's Decision To Reopen Schools: 'I Wouldn't Do That Here'

Ontario's Premier is "not willing to chance it."
Ontario Schools Won't Follow Quebec's Lead By Reopening, Insists Ford

Quebec has gone a step too far in Ontario's eyes. On Tuesday, April 28, during the province's daily press briefing, Premier Ford insisted that Ontario schools will not follow his Quebec counterpart Francois Legault's lead in opening back up again anytime soon. Ford stressed he is "not willing to chance it."

On April 27, Ford announced the framework for how the province plans to re-open cities across the region.

However, he didn't specify any dates as to when he hopes the plan can be implemented.

Meanwhile, also on Monday, Quebec Premier Legault announced that while high schools and universities will remain closed until the upcoming semester, primary schools and daycares will open in mid-May, requiring kids to stay two metres apart.

When asked in his daily press briefing about Legault potentially "taking more risks" than Ford is willing to, Ontario's leader replied: "That's gonna be up to Premier Legault.

"We're taking the advice of our chief medical officer, our health table, our health experts and we don't want to put our kids at risk. That's really what it comes down to.

"I'm not going to put our children in a crowded classroom, I'm just not going to do it," Ford continued.

"We've got to protect our children at all costs and we'll make that decision by the end of the month as we come forward. But no, I wouldn't do that here in Ontario."

Despite the province apparently reaching its peak period for community spread and cases lowering, Ford has still extended emergency measures in Ontario.

But the date for kids going back to school in the province has already been pushed back to May 31.

According to Toronto Star reporter Rosa Saba, Legault was asked to respond to Ford's recent comments about not wanting to put children in danger.

The Quebec leader reportedly said the decision was made to make it better for children.

Legault says the province has looked into the potential risks it would face due to the decision.

According to CBC, though, despite the news being given to Quebec parents, not every parent plans to send their kids back to class.

Although it's a frustrating time for students in the province, it seems Ford isn't willing to mess around when it comes to the safety of Ontario's kids.

School's still out for the time being!