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Ontario's Fall Forecast Predicts We'll Feel The Summer Warmth For Another Month

If you're one of the many people dreading the cold, cold months and basking in as much sun as you can, you can rest assured that summer may still be around for a little longer. You might feel a hint of the cold this weekend but not to worry, it'll be over soon enough! AccuWeather's 2019 Canada autumn forecast predicts that Ontario September weather will see summer warmth linger a little longer here.

Don't put away your tees and shorts just yet! Come September, you can expect to feel temperatures in the mid-20s with the warmth and humidity still sticking around.

AccuWeather's Canadian Weather Expert, Brett Anderson, suggests fall will have a late start around the Great Lakes and into Quebec, which also includes Toronto and Ottawa.

You'll probably have a week or two of summer heat in southern Ontario until the first chill makes its appearance.

Just in time for pumpkin season, the first big cooldown is actually expected in October.

According to predictions, any cold air coming down across the Great Lakes in October could cause an outbreak of thunderstorms and water spouts.

Last September saw temperatures fluctuate a lot until the end of the month. Temperatures started taking a hit during the first week of September 2018, and by the middle of the month, Toronto and parts of Ontario had cooled significantly.

If you head up north to cottage country right now, you might feel the chill, but it generally seems that won't be the case in the southern parts of the province this year.

Having said that, Canadian weather tends to switch up on us when we least expect it. So whatever it may be, just make sure to have your shorts ready for the next few weeks!

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