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You Can Visit 7 European Capitals In One Ontario Road Trip

No time off? No money to spend? No problem.

It’s no secret that Europe is full of beautiful cities that are at the very top of many of our travel bucket lists. From Paris to Brussels to Dublin, there’s so much beauty and history to seek out. But did you know you can actually visit many European capitals on a cute tour of Ontario small towns? Well, places named for those cities, anyway.

As outlined in a recent Reddit post, you can travel to not one, not two, but seven European capital cities in our beautiful province in just over five hours. Of course, they won't be the actual cities, but this is a pretty cool day trip idea for you and the squad.

If you’re travelling on a budget, this pseudo-European vacay is the perfect compromise. Some of these places might not have tonnes to offer, but they’re all worth exploring in their own right. 

Now, some of these towns share nothing more than a name with their counterparts. But with stunning sandy beaches, breathtaking sunset views, and adorable cafes, you’re sure to have a good time at any one of these spots.

Of course, if you really want to feel like you’re in Europe for the holidays, there are a handful of places that look and feel like Europe in Ontario that you can visit as well.

For now, though, let’s go exploring!


Address: Brussels, Huron County, ON

Why You Need To Go: There may not be too much happening in Brussels, but you can't beat the incredible views of Lake Huron, which isn't too far away.


Address: Dublin, West Perth, ON

Why You Need To Go: While it may not be chock-full of boozy Irish pubs, Dublin has a lot to offer. If you love crafty small-town stores and furniture shopping, this is the place to be.


Address: London, ON

Why You Need To Go: From enchanted theme parks to naturally stunning surroundings, incredible places to dine, and more, London is full of culture and entertainment for you to enjoy.


Address: Copenhagen, Elgin County, ON

Why You Need To Go: If you live for back roads and countryside views, then a drive through the small town of Copenhagen will speak to your soul. Mere minutes away is Port Bruce where you can enjoy fantastic beaches.


Address: Vienna, Elgin County, ON

Why You Need To Go: Speaking of gorgeous beaches, just six minutes outside of Vienna, you'll find this paradise in Port Burwell. With an adorable lighthouse and a breathtaking skyline, you'll never want to leave.


Address: Paris, Brant County, ON

Why You Need To Go: One of the more famous namesake towns and dubbed one of the prettiest communities in Ontario, you simply must visit Paris at some point. This little gem with its water-side businesses and charming airy cafes actually has a Parisian vibe (the French kind) that will transport you to another world.


Address: Lisbon, Perth County, ON

Why You Need To Go: A drive through Lisbon's dirt roads will have you feeling peaceful, and with some stunning architecture in the nearby town of Amulree, there's a ton of beauty to soak in.

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